Twitter Feed Offers No-Risk, Immersive Travel To Celebrity Homes

Twitter Feed Offers No-Risk, Immersive Travel To Celebrity Homes

Got a case of cabin fever? Frustrated you can’t visit your next door neighbor, your friend who lives in a nearby city—or travel even a bit farther than that? 

Are you the type that would tour the homes of movie stars in Hollywood if you could? Well, the next best thing may be to follow this Twitter feed: @RateMySkypeRoom.  

Living under stay-at-home orders and glued to breaking pandemic news, many of us have discovered the serendipitous pleasure of taking virtual trips—to the living rooms, kitchens, home offices, attics, basement, garages and bedrooms—of celebrities, lawmakers, late-night hosts, talking heads and other newsmakers, most of whom are hunkered down at home just like us. 

In some cases, the background settings turn out to be as interesting and revealing as the foreground commentary that took place, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the private tastes and lifestyles of public figures.

@RateMySkypeRoom not only documents these in situ interviews but rates them on a scale from 1-10. Although a few reviews border on scathing, most are done with good humor, something we could all use a dose of right now!

Here’s a sampling:


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