Travel The World From Your Living Room With The New Technogym Bike

Travel The World From Your Living Room With The New Technogym Bike

Fitness people tend to divide into tribes. Cross-fitters don’t consort with Pilates enthusiasts; runners don’t understand yogis, and so on. But now there’s a whole new way to experience class-based exercise: from home.

Based in Italy and founded in 1983, Technogym has long created clever fitness equipment used in private homes, gyms, high-end hotels and more. And this year, the sophisticated fitness brand has launched a new at-home bike fitted with an interactive platform allowing the rider to cycle along to live classes hosted by the high-intensity London-based gym One Rebel.

“1Rebel has made its mark as a disruptor brand with a loyal following,” noted 1Rebel co-founder James Balfour when the bike launched. “Now, we want to extend our ‘fitness as entertainment’ concept directly into consumers’ homes.”

No two live classes are the same. Most of the trainers here have a performance background—dancers, actors, singers, you name it. And they are equal parts cheerleader as they are fitness instructor. The bike allows users to search by teacher, as well as other useful terms, with the idea being that you’ll find an instructor, or two, whose methods work for you and develop a routine.

But if that doesn’t sound like you, it isn’t required to choose the live classes. You can also choose a pre-taped workout from the vast on-demand library. Designed for competitive spirits, you can watch as you climb the leaderboard each class. And for those days you really just want to meander, there are a series of self-guided rides filmed in picturesque locations, such as Yosemite National Park and the French Alps.

Beyond the new immersive bike, Technogym has launched its new Live console, which includes a complete library of trainer-led “Technogym Sessions”, the new on-demand digital classes available across all cardio products. The extensive library includes videos—with different durations and focuses—led by  leading trainers from London, New York, Milan and Los Angeles. Technogym Live also includes TV channels, social media, Netflix and a wide range of gaming and news-based apps.

“Over the last 35 years, innovation has been a key priority for Technogym to make the entire fitness and wellness industry grow,” described Nerio Alessandri, Technogym’s Founder and CEO in a company press release. “Today, within our unique digital ecosystem, Technogym Live represents a key milestone of our innovation trajectory to offer end users engagement, variety and personalisation.”

And, in addition to the library, there is an option to use the brand-new Technogym Coach—an AI-based virtual assistant—who guides users through the different training options using their taste and requirements. As for what might be the most innovative element of Technogym Live? It’s the tool that allows users to create their own digital content—live or on-demand classes—and stream them to members at home (or wherever they are).


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