Pure Michigan Pledge Promotes Safe Travel Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Pure Michigan Pledge Promotes Safe Travel Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Many of us are tired of being stuck at home and might be hoping to travel soon.

Pure Michigan has a new campaign, the Pure Michigan Pledge, aimed at promoting traveling safely.

It is something many tourism-based Northern Michigan businesses have been navigating this summer. 08 04 2020 Pure Mi Safety Pledge Pkg 6

Bahnhof Sport has had a busy summer. They have been renting out kayaks, bikes and paddle boards.

“When the weather started to break they were ready to get outside and start enjoying what Northern Michigan has to offer,” said owner Don Marszalec.

While busy, Marszalec says it’s been a unique summer. They have added new safety measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. They now disinfect rentals before and after each use, masks are required to enter and they have set up a sanitation station.

“We want to keep everyone safe and we want everyone to practice safe,” Marszalec said.

Pure Michigan wants the same, to encourage people to travel safely.

“Tourism is one of the large economic drivers here in the state, and that is no different for Northern Michigan, if not more so,” said Otie McKinley, Media and Communications Manager for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation & Pure Michigan.

They launched the Pure Michigan Pledge.

“The state of Michigan and tourism industry partners have collected these best practices for travelers to enjoy the great state of Michigan but to do it safely,” McKinley said. “It’s all aimed at ensuring people are being and acting safe to enjoy what Michigan has to offer but to do it smart and safe.”

The campaign pushes businesses, communities, and individuals to commit to safety protocols.

It is a message Marszalec says is critical.

“We have to have travel and tourism up here, all of the businesses up here need it,” Marszalec said. “We also need them to be safe so that we can stay open.”

To learn more about the Pure Michigan Pledge, including a list of businesses that have signed on, click here.


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