Kauai reports 4 travel-related coronavirus cases in 2 days

Kauai reports 4 travel-related coronavirus cases in 2 days

One new, travel-related case of COVID-19 was reported for Kauai today, according to the county’s district health office.

A Kauai woman, who obtained a negative pre-travel test before returning to the island from the U.S. mainland, received a second test on the island, which came back positive, officials said.

She remains in isolation, and her close contacts are being identified and directed to quarantine.

The new case comes after the county reported three new, travel-related cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Two visitors — a man and a woman — were exempt from the mandatory, 14-day quarantine through pre-travel testing via the state’s Safe Travels program, officials said. The program allows travelers to bypass the quarantine with an approved, negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their flight to Hawaii.

After arriving on Kauai, they were tested again, and both results came back positive for COVID-19.

Health officials said the two are in isolation, and that a state Department of Health investigation is ongoing. The state included these two cases in its cumulative case count for Kauai.

The third case is an Oahu man who took a pre-travel test, and received his positive test result for COVID-19 after arriving on Kauai.

He is now in isolation, and his close contacts have been directed to quarantine. His case will be counted as an Oahu case on the state’s dashboard because that is where his diagnosis test was performed.

Kauai County, however, will count all active cases on the Garden Isle, regardless of the county of diagnosis, for its Tier Tracker.

With today’s new case, Kauai’s one-week average of daily new cases remains at one, which keeps it at Tier 4, the least restrictive of the isle’s four tiers. Should the one-week average case count increase to two new cases a day, Kauai County would move to Tier 3, prompting additional restrictions, county officials said.

Today’s new case bring Kauai’s cumulative case total to 74 confirmed, one probable, and six diagnosed out-of-state or off-island, according to the county.

Kauai now has 13 active cases, including 12 related to travel, and 31 individuals identified as contacts that are in health-directed quarantine. Two patients on Kauai are hospitalized.


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