Czech Residents May Be Able to Travel to Austria and Slovakia From July

Czech Residents May Be Able to Travel to Austria and Slovakia From July

coronavirus travel restrictionsCzech tourists will be eligible to visit Austria and Slovakia from July or earlier, according to the Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek.

The minister said that travel to neighbouring countries will be allowed only if the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) develops favourably in the region, reports.

“We wanted to open Slovakia or Austria (…) to tourists from July and possibly other travel destinations from August. If the situation remains positive, it may go even faster,” Petricek pointed out.

But, according to him, for trips to countries that have been highly affected by the deadly virus such as France, Italy and the United States it is too early to talk.

The Czech Foreign Minister believes that from July will return the normal Schengen area.

Last Friday, the Czech government decided to lift the exit restrictions for Czech nationals. The ban on the departure of Czech citizens has also been lifted.

Since April 14, the Czech Republic and Austria are applying new conditions of entry due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the new decisions introduced by the Czech Republic persons who are returning to the Czech Republic will be subject of two weeks mandatory quarantine. The government also announced that permission to enter the Czech Republic would be extended to spouses and underage children of European Union citizens residing in the Czech Republic.

Internationals will not be allowed to enter the country, except those who obtain a valid residence permit that remains effective.

Foreign citizens will also be eligible to transit through the country, but they must exit the Czech Republic within 24 hours in order to avoid the mandatory quarantine due to the Coronavirus.

On March 13, the Czech Republic had first introduced its frontier checks amid COVID-19, alongside with other countries as Malta and Slovakia.

Then, the Czech Republic border closure with Austria and Germany, which were set to expire on April 4, has been extended for 20 days, until April 24, as part of measures to halt the spread of Coronavirus outbreak.


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