The Best Travel Beauty Products

The Best Travel Beauty Products

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Thinking about what to get your significant other? For the person who loves to travel, here are a few ideas in the beauty department. These eight beauty products are certainly worthy of gifting to the person who is always traveling this Valentine’s Day.

1.    Oleo Para a Face – Costa Brazil

This little bottle of anti-aging face oil from Costa Brazil packs a punch. Just a few drops of this stuff and your skin will feel refreshed no matter how long the flight. Made from Kaya Oil, the product is filled with lipids and essential fatty acids. The brand claims these proteins will revitalize the skin’s texture, elasticity and increase the natural appearance of shine. Available at many retailers and on the Costa Brazil site for $125 for a 30ml bottle.

2.    Balm Dotcom – Glossier

Glossier is known for their affordable, crowd pleasing products and their “Balm Dotcom” universal skin salve is exactly that. Perfect for anyone who spends time in cars, trains and airplanes, this lip balm is a fun throwback, coming in the flavors from our childhood. With lots of “tasty” flavors, this lip balm is a great little gift for anyone who is always on the go. Available on in a 3-pack for only $30.

3.    Buff + Smooth Lip Exfoliator – Crab Tree & Evelyn

This is little stick is a one-step lip care kit essentially. The solid stick format makes it perfect for travel, being a compact, multi-purpose product. It hydrates and exfoliates the lips at the same time by exfoliating with its “buffing granules” and moisturizes with its nourishing formula. For a 3.5g stick this product is $19 from Crab Tree & Evelyn.

4.    Clean Sunscreen – Ren

Sunscreen is a must, especially if you will be spending time outdoors on your next trip. Whether you are going skiing or swimming, if you skin is exposed you should protect it with some sunscreen. Ren’s Clean Sunscreen is a silicone-free SPF 30 sunscreen that gives the skin a matte look. It is made with 22% zinc oxide for broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The products is vegan and was made in a cruelty free environment. A 50ml bottle is $38 on the brand’s site.

5.    Colour Shield Glow – Alleven London

Colour Shield Glow by Alleven London is a fun product to bring along on your next trip. The spray on product is a quick dry, water resistant formula that adapts to your skin tone. To amplify your vacation glow, apply the Colour Shield Glow product for a velvety luminous finish on the skin. The subtle, natural color goes on like an airbrush tan thanks to the spray on applicator. Find the product online at Neiman Marcus for $52.

6.    Bitten Lip Tint – Victoria Beckham Beauty

This lip color from Victoria Beckham is more than just a lip stain, it also has the benefits of a lip serum. It will not only color, but also plump your lips. Made with hyaluronic acid and squalene, the product will visually hydrate to plump up and smooth the lips. The berry tone of the product will give lips of all colors a fresh, glossy finish and healthy glow. This product is available from the Victoria Beckham Beauty website for $34.

7.    Under Eye Masks – Yes to Cucumbers

Always a traveler’s best friend, under eye masks are a great gift choice. Grab a few packs of these under eye masks by Yes to Cucumbers for all your loved ones who want to avoid drying out on the airplane. Available at target for around $12.

8.    Bronzer – Lawless

Finally, with summer and summer vacations approaching, this bronzer by Lawless is becoming a smart gift choice. As you plan romantic getaways for this summer, picking up a bronzer from lawless could be just the thing to tide you over until your next warm weather escape. Available online in two shades for $38 each.


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