Thanksgiving travel is down, but people are still hitting the roads

Thanksgiving travel is down, but people are still hitting the roads

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — Thousands of New Yorkers hit the road today to make it to their Thanksgiving destinations.

12 News spoke with travelers at the Southern Tier Welcome Center in Kirkwood, many of whom found themselves stuck between their desire to be safe, and an unwillingness to miss out on the holiday in a year they feel has already taken so much from them.

Some said they were doing their best to take proper precautions, even thought the CDC says the proper precautions are to not travel at all.

One couple told me they were traveling to see their son and grandchildren because spending time with family is just too important to them to miss out on the opportunity.

“We wanted to see our son and it’s our grandchildren as well. Our son his wife, our two grand kids and the two of us so we’re keeping it small though but we wanted to see family it’s important to us” they said.

For some the decision came in part from a fear of the unknown, not knowing if there will be another shutdown again and if so, when they might be able to see their families again.

“I haven’t seen my distant family in a really long time and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I believe there won’t be much hope for traveling at Christmas.” said Robin Wright of Sinks Grove, West Virginia.

Scott Cook of the New York State Department of Transportation told 12 News that travel Wednesday was about 35% of what they saw the day before thanksgiving last year.


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