People from all over Texas travel to Bryan-College Station to enjoy the snow

People from all over Texas travel to Bryan-College Station to enjoy the snow

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – While the winter weather presents its dangers and hazards, all the snow gave families the chance to have some fun in the winter wonderland Sunday afternoon.

The steady downfall of white fluffy flakes that started around 1 p.m. blanketed large parts of the Brazos Valley. It was a welcome sight for some who have been anxiously waiting for this moment.

“It’s been a while,” Bryan resident Octavio Ortega said. “I haven’t seen a snowstorm in state since 2017, so it’s a nice surprise.”

“It’s really nice that I can go out and enjoy this,” Dani MacCarthy said. She lives in Bryan now, but spent most of her life in California. Sunday’s snowfall was a first time experience for her.

“We’ve been waiting for this for the past two years,” Yudith Molero of Katy said.

“Snow this heavy is rarely seen. This is the reason why we come out in such bad weather,” Texas A&M student Zhide Wang said. “We’re here to feel the snow and take some pictures. We’re excited.”

Despite the rarity of the occasion, the snow proved to be quite the tourist attraction at Stephen C. Beachy Central Park in College Station. It brought some families in from out of town.

“We drove for an hour and a half to come here and see the snow,”Molero said. “We knew this was the closest place to get snow,” her husband Juan Molero added.

“We weren’t expecting this,” Matt Krolczyk, who lives in Waller, said. “It’s pretty cool to see.”

“We drove here just to come see it,” Matt’s wife Ashley said.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the snow in America,” Robin, an international student from China attending Texas A&M, said. “I didn’t expect to see snow here because Texas is so hot. Yesterday I was wearing shorts. It’s amazing.”

While the steady snowfall came as a surprise to most, they were more than prepared to have some fun.

“We’re playing with the snow and doing snowball fights,” Santiago Molero said.

“Bellyflopping,” Brody Krolczyk said.

Some are even looking at the storm as a sign of better things to come.

“I hope the snow will bring us good luck in the next year,” Wang said.

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