Holiday travel is expected to be down at least 10 percent

Holiday travel is expected to be down at least 10 percent

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Travelers at Blue Grass Airport were greeted with little to no lines and plenty of room at baggage claim, the opposite of what you would expect to see during the typical holiday travel season.

“Most room I’ve ever had on the plane in a long time, I had a whole row to myself,” traveler James Ferguson said.

Because of the pandemic, AAA is anticipating at least a ten percent drop in travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

“I think more people will opt for driving,” traveler Haywood Ferguson said. “They feel safer in their own environment, you know, less contact more control over it.”

Despite the CDC’s recommendation to put the brakes on any plans to travel for the holidays, Haywood Ferguson and his son James took a quick trip to Florida to visit family.

“We decided to go a week early so we beat the rush of everybody trying to pack in together,” James Ferguson said. “Get there and back before everything hits for the holidays.”

They took every safety precaution and were impressed with the airlines’ protocols too.

“There was about half the volume on the planes,” James Ferguson said. “So the airlines are definitely doing everything they can to make sure they keep everybody spaced out and safe while everybody is traveling for the holidays.”

While both of the Fergusons said they felt safe on the plane, they understand the push to reschedule flights for the next holiday season.

AAA is also projecting that road trips will account for 95 percent of all holiday travel in 2020.

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